November 29 Introduction to video

Video introduction

Tangerine (clip)

Tech – Tangerine

Mike Figgis Digital Fimmaking

Now there is no reason to prevent anybody from making a film. The technology exists, the equipment is much cheaper than it was, the post-production facilities are on a laptop computer, the entire equipment to make a film can go in a couple of cases and be carried as hand luggage on a plane. –Mike Figgis

When you buy a Mac, it automatically comes with iMovie ….My experience with iMovie was interesting. I had it on my computer and I never used it. Then, one day, I shot something that I didn’t really want anybody else to cut at that stage. I just wanted to look at it. And I had no idea how to use the iMovie system. I am not someone who could be described as computer literate. I don’t love computers. I have been dragged to them reluctantly, and have then been delighted by what they can do, but I had some difficulty in learning the systems initially. So I would say I represent the low end of capability here. Compared to anyone under thirty, who will have had far more experience with computers than I have ever had, I’m in the Stone Age. So I turned the system on and there was a little demo reel that came with it just to help one through the process. I found out how to plug in my camera so that I could use the camera as a playback machine and as an importing machine. That seemed very straightforward. Then I started importing some shots, and I saw very quickly how they aligned themselves into a sort of catalogue. Within a couple of hours I’d cut a sequence. I started to think about how I could do a little sound dissolve here, and I went into the menu that said what was available in terms of effects for sound and effects for visuals. And it was so obvious and so self-explanatory, even to a novice like me, that I cut a really rather sophisticated five-minute film. Starting from zero, I did it in one day. And I immediately thought I could cut a whole feature like this.

Mobile  film festival


iPhone film festival



God is dead

Magic bullet

A short journey Budapest

iPhone musical

Brunettes shoot blondes

Vintage trouble

sf-paris 2 minutes

Gasoline and matches

Dominic Gagnon situation

Obey (made entirely from clips on the web)

Invasion (all instagram)

2012 in 366 seconds

Pogo Jo’burg jam

Pogo Lead Breakfast



2012 music mashup


King Bach

Amanda Cerny

Videos by VCC students

James Cook

Daniel Bortoni

Tiffany Calderbank



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