September 20 – Music notation

Musical notation

for a minute, notation was cool:

Losing the language. Does it matter?

Does Music Notation Matter For Electronic Music?

If you can’t read music, you need mega-ears.

Where does sight reading come onto this?  Vivier in London.

Many reasons for music notation other than pure communication – political, business etc.

Notation is related to control of your material– if you know you want something, how do you communicate that?

Seikilos epitaph (200 BC to 100 AD)

chant notation notation ca. 900

Charlemagne ca. 800

Offertorio Iubilate Deo universa terra

iubilate 1a

Guido of Arezzo (ca. 1020)

Belle bonne (ca. 1400)


-invented moveable type press ca. 1440

– Gutenberg bible ca. 1450

Gutenberg Galaxy – Marshall McLuhan

music publishing

music engraving

Odhecaton – 1501 – Petrucci Venice

josquin baises moy (1501)

Publishing Patents- Petrucci, Byrd/Tallis , Lully

Orfeo (1604)

Orfeo p1

Bach Brandenburg 1 (1721)

BC1 p1

Brahms Symphony 4 (pub. 1886)

Brahms 4 p1

Stockhausen Studie II

DJ Notation

Other notation styles

Searching for sounds…

Lead sheet:

Lullaby of birdland


Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode




Logic notation:

2 note entry methods-

1) play in real time

2) step entry

3) Enter some song lyrics


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