Final Projects due this week

Your final projects are due in your labs this week (April 4, 5). You will be presenting your website to the class. If you are not in class to present your website you will not receive a mark.


March 28 The future

Prepare video for upload


What youtube says:

Export Final Cut movies

Tutorial: iMovie 11 to Youtube

Vimeo guidelines:

The future

– new ways of disseminating work every day…..

Bowie 2002

video production trends

Ryoji Ikeda

Amon Tobin:

Projection mapping:

March 14 Music video

Music video:

Making a music video

First music video

Bessie Smith: St Louis Blues

fantasia: Rite of Spring

fantasia: Bach Toccata and fugue


Louis Jordan : Look out sister

Dáme si do bytu

Hard Day’s Night opening:

Penny Lane promo video

Stones Have you seen your mother baby

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:

Material girl:

Fatboy Slim: Spike Jonez

Kanye West: Runaway

Trapped in the closet

Holly Herndon

Kendrick Lamar Alright


Edit music video (FCPX)

February 28 Video editing

More workflow:

Here are 2 different possible approaches to your project.

Video first:

  1. Edit your video – final cut or iMovie
  2. “share” the video – File>Share> Master File
  3. open your movie in Logic (you could also use Ableton Live)
  4. compose music for the movie
  5. export the music
  6. drag the music into Final Cut (or alternative)
  7. finish up the move with music and export from Final Cut.

Music first 

  1. Make some music or edit some music in Logic (or Ableton or….)
  2. Import the music into Final Cut
  3. Put the music into the Final Cut timeline
  4. Run the music, and put markers where you’re going to line up video with music
  5. Hit the letter “M” to make a marker
  6. Make sure “snap” is on, and drag video files to line up with markers
  7. Cut video at markers (use letter “B” to cut)
  8. Finish the project this way in Final Cut.

Principles of video editing

Vimeo video school FCPX basics (the best!)

7 rules for film and video editors

Edit to music – 2 different methods